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MoliCare® Premium Soft Breathable Brief


by Hartmann-Conco/Whitestone

MoliCare Premium® soft super-absorbent disposable adult briefs are highly absorbent for heavy urinary and fecal incontinence and may be used for overnight wear.

They are latex-free and constructed of hypoallergenic materials and soft, breathable, "Air Active" wings that improve skin dryness and reduce skin irritation.

These quality adult diapers are anatomically designed with generous leg openings that allow for downsizing.

MoliCare® Premium soft disposable adult diapers have a soft, cloth-like outer fabric for comfort and "rustle-free" discretion.

Innovative three-layer core offers quick acquisition speed, secures fluid retention away from the skin and evenly distributes fluid throughout the core for superior dryness and protection from rewetting.

Soft, breathable “Air Active” wings reduce body heat.

Fluid-repellent curved inner leg cuffs, leg elastics and refastenable hook closure system.

Generous leg openings allow for downsizing.

Anatomically designed.

Graduated wetness indicator for proper timing of product change.

Item: WH169448   absorbency: Extra   size: Small   waist: 24" to 35"

Item: WH169648   absorbency: Extra   size: Medium   waist: 35" to 47"

Item: WH169850   absorbency: Super   size: Large   waist: 47" to 59" 

Item: WH169948   absorbency: Extra   size: Extra Large   waist: 59" to 68"