image description Bladder and Bowel

LoFric® Male Hydro-Kit™ Closed System Catheter


by Astra Tech

The LoFric Hydro-Kit is the all in-one kit that combines catheter, water pocket, and collection bag, making it easier to self-catheterize whenever, wherever.

LoFric Hydro-Kit is small, flexible, and easy to handle.

The LoFric Hydro-Kit has a handling guide which eliminates the need to touch the catheter with your fingers and enables you to keep a firm grip.

The collection bag means it can be used anywhere, even in the absence of a toilet.

Latex FREE

Sterile, Single Use.

Item: ATR9830840  8Fr 16"  Sold as 1 each or a box of 20.

Item: AH9831040  10Fr 16"  Sold as 1 each or box of 20.

Item: AH9831240  12Fr 16"  Sold as 1 each or box of 20.

Item: AH9831440  14Fr 16"  Sold as 1 each or box of 20.

Item: AH9831640  16Fr 16"  Sold as 1 each or box of 20.