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HaloShield® Reusable Underpad- Various Sizes


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by Salk Company

The HaloShield Reusable Underpad comes in 3 sizes and features antimicrobial technology to protect from and eliminate embarrassing odor on contact.

It kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria within 10 minutes of contact as the coating acquires the chlorine molecules during washing and anchors them to the surface for renewed protection.

The ultrasoft moisture-wicking top layer keeps you dry and the super absorbent inner layer traps fluids.

100% waterproof protection for all surfaces including bedding and chairs.

Non-irritating for sensitive skin.

This reusable underpad is more economical and better for the environment than disposables.

Item: SAL1990H  23" x 36"  Sold as 1 each.

Item: SAL1994H  32" x 36"  Sold as 1 each.  

Item: SAL1996H  36" x 54"  Sold as 1 each.

These products are designed to keep your loved one safe, while living at home longer.