image description Bladder and Bowel

First Quality® Prevail® Protective Underwear - Adjustable, Extra, and Super Plus


by First Quality

Prevail's Protective Underwear come with super moisture absorption for moderate to heavy incontinence while keeping the look and feel of real underwear with an extremely soft cloth-like backing that is discreet.

With ventilated panels letting the skin breathe keep skin dry and healthy, these pull-ons are designed for moderate to heavy bladder incontinence.

Latex free

Prevail designed these pull-ons for both men and women who want real underwear with the protection of a highly absorbent core. 

The Prevail Super Plus pull-ons are designed for night-time or extended use. 

The Color value indicates waistband color for sizing, not package color.

FQPPVR512    28" - 46"    Small / Medium    Green    Adjustable    Case 72, Pack 18 (PVR512)

FQPPVR513    44" - 58"    Large    Blue    Adjustable    Case 64, Pack 16 (PVR513)

-The Adjustable Underwear have reusable hook and loop tabs and the adjustable style have both tabs that reattaching and sides that tear-down for ease of taking off.


FQPPV511    20" - 34"  Youth / Small    Lavender    Extra Absorbency   Case 88, Pack 22 (PV511)

FQPPV512    34" - 46"    Medium    Green    Extra Absorbency    Case 80, Pack 20 (PV512)

FQPPV513    44" - 58"    Large    Blue    Extra Absorbency   Case 72, Pack 18      (PV513)

FQPPV514    58" - 68"    X-Large    Black    Extra Absorbency    Case 56, Pack 14 (PV514)

FQPPV517    68" - 80"    2X-Large    Yellow    Extra Absorbency    Case 48, Pack 12


FQPPVS512  34" - 46" Small/Medium Green  Super Plus Absorbency  Case 72, Pack 18 (PVS512)

FQPPVS513  44" - 58"    Large    Blue  Super Plus Absorbency   Case 64            (PVS513)

FQPPVS514  58" - 68"    X-Large    Black    Super Plus Absorbency    Case 56   (PVS514)